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Did You Know We Have A 20 Year Guarantee On All Our Products?

1st July 2019

Would you go out and buy a brand new car without a good warranty? We very much doubt that you would, and nor should you, just like we would advise against splurging your cash on home improvements that aren’t sufficiently protected. Before you commit to buying any conservatory, windows or doors, find out what length...

Are You Familiar With The Benefits Of Bi-Folding Doors?

24th June 2019

There are many show-stopping products in our home improvement range, but we’d have to say that one of the solutions you will most be fascinated by are our beautiful aluminium bi-folding doors. Consisting of as a little as two panes, up to a maximum of seven panes, with corner and bay sets also available, they...

What You Need To Know About Planning Permission For Home Extensions

19th June 2019

In our last blog post we told you about our brand new extensions service and also mentioned that extending your property has now been permanently made easier by the government. A couple of weeks ago, the Conservatives decided to permanently let English householders fit a single-storey rear extension of up to six metres at a...

Did You Know We Offer Fantastic Finance At Orion?

13th June 2019

A bit like Christmas, summer is an expensive time of year for us all. The weather makes you want to get out more and take advantage of it, which inevitably involves spending much of your hard-earned cash, and no summer would be complete without venturing abroad somewhere so you can recharge the batteries. Meanwhile, your...

Orion Now Provides Home And Kitchen Extensions

4th June 2019

Do you dream of owning a bigger home? You don’t need to go through the stress of leaving your existing property to get one for two reasons. Firstly, Orion has just expanded its service offering to include supplying and fitting home and kitchen extensions, so we can give you loads more living space to enjoy...

Which Replacement Door From Orion Will You Buy?

28th May 2019

You should never put off getting a new front door for your home if you know it’s no longer resilient enough or no longer pretty enough. Staying overly loyal to your door in either of these circumstances could be leaving the place open to potential theft, and you risk people levelling criticism at the condition...

Enhance Your Home’s Kerb Appeal With A Porch Installation

21st May 2019

It’s how your home looks on the outside that determines the initial impression people have of the place when they come over to visit. If your entrance lacks that all-important wow factor, they’re unlikely to blown away by the entire exterior of the house as entranceways are always a key focal point of properties. Ignoring...

Welcome To Our Conservatory And Orangery Range

9th May 2019

There are lots of reasons why you may want to extend your home. A recent survey by Moneysupermarket.com uncovered that flexible working arrangements are behind the poll-topping 31 per cent of people extending their properties with a home extension in order to create a home office or business space. That could be your own incentive...

Interior Design Ideas To Make Your Conservatory Or Orangery Perfect For Summer

2nd May 2019

We’re well into the spring season now, so that can only mean one thing – summer is just around the corner. If you own a conservatory or orangery and it remains fully energy efficient, extended living is made for the summer months. Just imagine being able to bask in the sunshine indoors with your feet...

Add A Splash Of Colour To Your Windows

24th April 2019

White remains the preferred colour choice for UPVC replacement windows and we don’t ever foresee a time that white coloured UPVC windows fall out of fashion. It’s a classic look and one that householders are continuously drawn to due to the simplicity and unfussiness of this particular finish. However, tastes have broadened and there is...

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