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Make A Free Online Design Appointment And Plan Ahead From Home

30th March 2020

The Government’s restrictions on movement in reaction to the current pandemic has unfortunately meant that we have had to temporarily close our showroom.  However, Orion Windows is still very much open for business and you can still proceed with any home improvement plans you have in mind as Orion has a FREE Online Design Appointment...

Is Triple Glazing Good For Keeping Out Noise?

26th March 2020

It’s all gone quiet outside for the moment as the country remains on lockdown, but things will eventually get back to normal, which, for some, will mean being badgered by outside noise.  Beeping cars, passing trains and boisterous passers-by can be heard more audibly in certain homes and it can drive you round the bend,...

Do You Have To Get Planning Permission For A Solid Roof?

11th March 2020

It’s a question that crops up a lot nowadays as solid roofs increase in popularity, with conservatory owners across the county looking to use them to restore thermal efficiency in their old extensions. What isn’t advisable is to ignore any potential planning obligations relating to a solid roof installation as it will earn you more...

Orion Windows Is A FENSA Member – Therefore, You Can Trust Us

6th March 2020

On numerous occasions, we have had people ask why they should choose us ahead of any other home improvement company in the area. The fact that we are a member of FENSA is one of our strongest selling-points, a scheme that most people have now heard of following their recent TV advertising campaign. If you’re...

3 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home

27th February 2020

Our housing market has been quite stagnant over the past three and a half years as we all waited for the Brexit process to be completed. Now that it is, there’s a decent chance that it might come to life again and see Britons be a bit less cautious about trying to sell their properties....

Why Buying A Modular Extension Will Be A Waste Of Money

21st February 2020

In the past, when you badly needed more space at home you would almost inevitably move to a new, bigger house, if you could afford it, just to avoid the red tape involved in extending. There isn’t so much of that red tape any more after the government permitted the installation of larger single-storey extensions...

Why Do I Keep Getting Condensation On My Windows?

17th February 2020

We get asked this question all the time which just goes to show that it’s an issue for so many people. The first thing to stress is that doing nothing about internal condensation can lead to some serious problems. Eventually, it can cause mould and damp to form, and it can even affect the structural...

Watch Out And Beware Of These Window Selling Techniques

10th February 2020

Looking to buy new windows for your home? ‘Windows’ is in our name, so Orion Windows would be an obvious place to come for them, but we understand if you want to see what other replacement window suppliers can also offer before you commit to doing business with anybody.   The manner we sell to...

Don’t Forget That Finance Is Available At Orion

24th January 2020

We’re a helpful bunch at Orion Windows and do everything we possibly can to assist our customers. This includes offering them the option of finance to fund the home improvements they want from us. It would be extremely naïve of us to think that everybody is able to pay off the cost of their new...

What Will Be Hot In Home Décor in 2020?

23rd January 2020

This is the question on the lips of the many thousands of people intending to change the look of the inside of their home over the coming weeks and months. Keeping up with current trends is essential for anyone about to embark on a home transformation project as you want it to be reflective of...

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