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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Conservatory

We don’t know whether it’s because people fancy a sunny home setting in summer or a special place to take in the forthcoming winter, but we have received a colossal number of enquiries about our conservatories.

Glass-To-Floor Edwardian Conservatory

They couldn’t have chosen a better company to potentially fit and install a conservatory at their residence as we provide top-class conservatories in an unbelievable choice of styles and colours.

We’d be lying if we said buying a conservatory is cheap as it isn’t, but when you weigh up the money spent on a design against the advantages of doing so, it offers phenomenal value for money. It’s very easy to justify that claim too as we can think of at least six reasons why you should do it.

  1. Spacious

The prime motivation for buying a conservatory for most people is the need for added spaciousness indoors and this form of extension certainly delivers plenty of that. Even compact conservatory designs like the Lean-To, perfect for bungalows and properties with a low-pitched roof, offer a generous volume of floor space.

  1. Garden views

Conservatories predominantly consist of glass, so you get a high level of transparency, perfect if you have a beautiful garden to look out on. You will feel no closer to your garden from the indoors as you do from a conservatory. Consider creating a connection from the conservatory to the garden with a set of bi-folding, French or patio doors.

  1. Flexible usage

You can practically use a conservatory however you like. Some like to use it as an extravagant dining area where friends and family come together for the weekly Sunday lunch, while others have it turned into an office space so that they can keep on top of their work without having to make the usual commute.

  1. Added value

Research has found that a conservatory installation usually adds at least 7% onto the resale value of a property, and considerably more in some circumstances. Keep that in mind for the future as you may get restless with your home and have an urge to move house. When selling you could be quids in, easily recouping the money you spent on it.

  1. Selling point

If you do ever put your home on the market you will be in a better position to attract buyers when you can list a conservatory amongst the main selling-points of the property. The majority of buyers love features like conservatories as it gives them so much more space to play with and make their own.

There are far more benefits of owning a conservatory, but we wouldn’t want to spill everything in this blog post. Come find out what they are at Orion’s York showroom.




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