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Mistakes To Avoid When Extending Your Kitchen

8th February 2021

Things have really changed in the British household. It would always be the living room where families would settle down to watch TV together and spend the most of their time indoors. But now it’s the kitchen where they most tend to hang out at home, as well as obviously cook and dine in the...

What You Shouldn’t Do If Your Want To Improve Your Home’s Value

3rd February 2021

We know that some of you will have read our blog post last month about home trends and the looks that will be imitated in so many residences over the next year.  Anyone who missed this blog can see it here.  You can’t go wrong with these ideas. But where you can go wrong is...

How To Get Your Energy Bill Down To A Manageable Price

14th January 2021

Have your energy bills hit an all-time high cost? If so, you won’t be the only one hit by this problem this winter as homes are consuming a lot more energy at the moment due to the present restrictions.  It’s never been more important to have a thermal efficient residence, otherwise, those energy bills will...

A Round-Up Of Some Of The Biggest Home Trends For 2021

7th January 2021

Some of you will again have extra time on your hands, and we doubt you will just want to spend it sitting down at home.  Instead, you may want to use the time enhancing your home, as many people did in 2020. A great idea, we say! In that case, it will help to know...

A Christmas Message Of Thanks From Orion Windows

25th December 2020

What a year, eh! If you’d have told us 12 months ago what lied ahead, we wouldn’t have believed you. But though it’s been a challenge, we have come out of it stronger.  It may have been a different story if our customers hadn’t been so supportive. Their steadfast support has been humbling, and it’s...

How To Get Your Home Looking Festive For Christmas

1st December 2020

It won’t be a conventional Christmas for the majority of people this year, but we should all still get into the festive spirit to try and bring 2020 to a memorable end. Start by organising some Zoom Christmas parties with work colleagues and friends, involving games you can play virtually, and whilst playing them, ensure...

3 Of The Best Ways You Can Improve Your Home This Winter

10th November 2020

Do you have that feeling of déjà vu as we head into our second lockdown? It means more time at home again, but that’s hardly the worst thing in the world, and your home can actually keep you busy.  We say that because you could use some of the time to either improve the place...

20 Years Of Quality - Get An Industry-Leading Guarantee At Orion

22nd October 2020

It’s unbelievable quite how many home improvement companies there are locally, never mind nationally, which can make it tricky for a customer to choose just one of them.  The best way to separate the wheat from the chaff is to find out what the main selling-points of each company are.  If we just focus on...

How To Minimise The Threat Of A Break-In At Your Home

5th October 2020

The nights are really starting to close in, and they will close in even more quickly once the clocks go back at the end of the month.  Burglars will rejoice at this because when it’s dark outside, they have a better chance of gaining entry into someone’s house without being caught.  Your home might be...

Safe Installations And Safe Showrooms

25th September 2020

Things have started getting back to some sort of normality for the team at Orion Windows, with installations under way again and our York showroom reopening to customers.  We couldn’t have got through these last few months without our enormously hard-working group of employees, who have all gone to incredible lengths to keep the business...

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