Interior Design Ideas To Make Your Conservatory Or Orangery Perfect For Summer

We’re well into the spring season now, so that can only mean one thing – summer is just around the corner. If you own a conservatory or orangery and it remains fully energy efficient, extended living is made for the summer months.

Orangery With A Modern Interior

Just imagine being able to bask in the sunshine indoors with your feet up, a gorgeously pretty view all around you, and without a single bead of sweat forming on your brow – sounds like heaven doesn’t it! Even if you have the best lights from, sunlight adds life to your day. 

But, could your conservatory or orangery interior do with a little bit of shake-up before summer arrives? We would definitely say so if its appearance feels tired and your enthusiasm for the space isn’t quite what it was.

Put your emphasis on improving the following four areas to get your extension fit for summer…


It’s nice to be able to take the weight off your feet and sink into a comfy armchair or sofa. How is your existing furniture holding up? Any hint of it losing its lustre, or feeling less stable than it used to, should see you replace it. Look around for suitable upholstered, wooden or rattan furniture to take the place of any existing chairs and sofa as unlike leather, this sort of furniture is specifically designed to resist the effects of UV rays.


There’s bound to be a lot of traffic inside your home extension throughout the summer and your flooring needs to be able to cope with it. You could look to match the flooring to any existing flooring in a connecting room for consistency. The most popular flooring choices tend to be engineered wood flooring, laminate, tiled or vinyl flooring. It’s probably best to avoid installing a carpeted floor if there’s a strong likelihood of it being trodden on by dirty feet.


Your current colour scheme could be what’s letting down your extension the most. Switch things up by introducing a new coloured effect, either by painting an accent wall in something stylishly striking, or via the soft furnishings you have within the space. For an on-trend colour, try ‘Spiced Honey’, nominated Colour of the Year for 2019 by Dulux. It has been described as a “warm amber tone, inspired by the beauty and versatility of honey itself”.


Extended hours of daylight are such a bonus, but you may want to prolong your time in your extension into the early hours. To be able do that, you need the right lighting solutions fitted to the design. When there is an internal pelmet present, you can have downlighters integrated into it, otherwise, why not fit mounted wall lights to any solid wall within the structure, or install a chandelier to create a focal point.


Our Inspirations page is a fantastic resource if you want further creative ideas for your conservatory or orangery that will make a big splash this summer.





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