Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors with market leading aluminium slim frames...

You can create a brighter atmosphere in your living space when you let Orion install a set of bi-folding doors within your property. The glass used will work to transfer as much natural light indoors as it possibly can. When you want to get outside, all you have to do is partly or fully open the doors to exit the property in the most stylish and sophisticated way. Even a traditional home can be brought into the 21st Century with bi-folding doors. You could even realistically use them as an entrance point into a conservatory or orangery if you want to make your home that little bit more practical.

Bi-folding doors are becoming a popular choice for conservatories...

Many early examples of conservatories incorporate double French doors as a way to not only provide access but also let in light and air. Integrating bi-fold doors into a conservatory significantly enhances the level of access, light and air permitted and that is why more and more homeowners are moving away from the norm of French doors and specifying their bi-folding counterparts when investing in a new conservatory. Bi-fold doors are particularly suited to a lean-to style of conservatory as the shape and dimensions of the latter often allow more scope for wider bi-fold doors with three or more panes.

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Bi-folding doors look stunning surrounding by the brickwork of orangeries...

Orangeries with brick-built columns and an external cornice are arguably the best canvas for a multi-pane bi-fold door. The typically rectangular shape of orangeries lends itself perfectly to a bi-fold door of up to 7-panes wide which acts as an easily removable divide between your home and garden. In seconds you can open up a full wall and blur the boundaries between outdoor and indoor living – a bi-fold door’s ease of operation is impressive and the divide can be reinstated as quickly as it was removed. A bi-fold door is commonly installed on the widest facet of an orangery but some homeowners actually choose to incorporate more than one bi-fold so the room is even more versatile.

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Connect the main living and working areas of your home with the outdoors...

Bi-fold doors can be fitted to the main part of a property in the same way that sliding patio and double French doors are often used. Internal space may be at a premium so the door can be manufactured to ‘open out’ which, as the name suggests, means that when the door panes concertina they group on the outside. However, if you’d rather and space allows, the same door can also be made to ‘open-in’. Living rooms and kitchens are the two most common rooms to be augmented by a bi-fold but, equally, these doors have been used at particularly luxurious properties as a grand way to access first floor balconies.

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A bi-fold door will create one unique, open plan space

To be classed as a ‘permitted development’ and be exempt from planning permission, conservatories must, among other things, have an external grade door separating it from the main property – what better way to do this than with a bi-fold door? When closed an internal bi-fold door will allow you to see into your conservatory and, of course, allow natural light into your home whilst meeting the requirement to have a separate door. But when you want to access your conservatory, or merge the two rooms together, a bi-fold door will more than oblige and create one unique, open plan space.

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