Choose an orangery from Orion and you’ll soon conclude that you couldn’t have made a better choice. Orangeries from Orion offer a great combination of both a traditional brick extension and a bespoke conservatory.
Can’t decide between an Orangery or Conservatory?

If you want your new living space to look like a seamless extension of your home, an orangery could be the ideal installation for your home. Orangeries tend to include more brickwork and less glazing compared to a conservatory. This provides extra privacy and is commonly chosen by homeowners wanting to use their space throughout the year.

Orangeries are bespoke, so you have infinite possibilities when it comes to the design. The first decision you should make is whether it will be a contemporary or traditional style orangery.

Orangery Living Space
Traditional Orangery or Contemporary Orangery?

There are two umbrella types of orangeries which cover a range of designs and styles within them. For homeowners looking for a more affordable option, our contemporary orangery is a great choice. From the exterior, there appears to be very little variation between the two.

The main difference between the two styles? A contemporary orangery roof does not have a flat perimeter around the roof.

Traditional Orangery Living Space
Orangery Living Spaces
Modern Orangery Living Space
Get the Look!

Looking for something contemporary? Opt for Orion’s modern glass roof. Our intelligent glazing is able to regulate the temperature within your space, creating a room you can use in all kinds of weather.

We can help you answer…

Do you visualise an orangery that blends in with your style of home, or would you prefer it to showcase your outdoor space instead?

Orangery Living
Orangery features

We can create a unified space that provides room for the entire household. Design flexibility means that rather than there being just one standard type of orangery, you will find orangeries come in a range of shapes and sizes.

An orangery is multi-purpose so whether you need extra living, dining or office space, it can be specially adapted to provide you with a custom-built solution. Click on the hotspots to learn more.


Brick Pillars

Incorporating brick pillars alongside large windows and feature doors to create a perfectly coordinated addition to your existing home.


We offer a full range of high-security locking systems and accessories to ensure that your home will be protected from the threat of break-ins.


High performance, solar control glass offers excellent energy efficiency. With an ultra-clear outer pane, and a super soft coat inner pane as standard.


Do you want your orangery to reflect your home’s image or enhance your garden space? We can help you to answer this question and then provide exactly the right solution.

We have an extensive range of internal and external finishes…

We have a number of traditional and contemporary shades along with woodgrain finishes which can be applied both on the inside and outside of the frames. UPVC is a good choice if you want a broad colour palette at your disposal as it can be finished in pretty much every colour you can possibly think of. White, Cream and Woodgrain are amongst the traditional favourites we have, sitting alongside modern finishes of Black, Grey and Chartwell Green for those wanting to make a stylish statement that stands out.

It’s our powder-coating process that brings out our aluminium finishes...

We often get customers asking us how we produce our aluminium finishes as they’re taken aback by the quality of them. It’s all to do with the 11-stage powder-coating procedure we employ to apply each of the finishes to the aluminium frames. As for our woodgrains, they are created using the sublimation method and come in Walnut, Oak and Rosewood, which you would easily believe are actual wood-based finishes.

Your orangery needs to be a comfortable living space...

If you’ve decided you want a glass roof for your orangery, you have three options: the Classic, Cornice or Lantern Roof. If you’re happy with a roof that offers a simple, clean look, but does the job it’s supposed to then look no further than the Classic Roof. It can accommodate a huge piece of glass so expect the light of the sun to pass through it easily and illuminate the entire extension. As you’d expect, our eye-catching Cornice or Lantern Roofs will make your orangery roof stand out from anything else, with features that will catch the imagination of everyone fortunate enough to enjoy the living space.

Crafted window handles...

You’ll find an assortment of varied handles at Orion, made from the highest levels of craftsmanship. Traditional or classic, there is truly something for everyone.

Each handle has a locking system built within, so you can be certain that our handles keep your home safe and secure.


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