With the impeccable quality of our roofs crystal clear, we have the confidence that allows us to offer all of our customers a 20 year guarantee, covering you for any remedial works that may be required after the installation.


You need to have confidence in the roof you’re buying, just as we have confidence in them ourselves when selling to customers.

To prove our assurance, we supply an extensive roof guarantee so that you aren’t left out of pocket if anything should go wrong in the future. Within that 20 year guarantee we do state that some small remedial adjustments may have to be made at some point so please give it a read. We also offer a separate 10 year insurance back guarantee, which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Windows Guarantee


Our incredible guarantee is a strong part of our environmental policy because we are dedicated to making products that last and won’t need to be replaced time and time again. This reduces our carbon footprint, as well as our customers’ carbon footprint. Our roofs have been designed and manufactured to withstand extreme weather conditions. Durability is a central focus for us.

We fully understand that investing in a new roof is not an everyday purchase and it can be difficult to budget for. Therefore, it makes the most sense to choose a home improvement company like Orion Windows, who offer a 20 year guarantee.

Windows Guarantee