Forté Solid Core Doors

Our Solid Core Doors have strength and durability at their core, delivering on style and practicality in equal measure.

Our Solid Core Doors’ durability and enhanced security are the result of layers of aluminium and plywood sheets. Whereas other Composite Doors are filled with foam, our Solid Core Doors are different, right down to the core. With an auto-engage locking system, the door will automatically engage upon closing without needing to throw the handle, keeping your door securely in place.

Extreme weather won’t be a problem either. Our Solid Core Doors are triple-sealed for compression, ensuring your home remains weather-resistant in the harshest of storms. Practicalities aside, you’ll be delighted with our range of colours and finishes with matching frames, allowing you to tailor your door to your taste.

Sakura Long Agate Grey Tectronic Contemporary Forte Door
Extreme Solid Core Upgrade

This material combination will greatly improve your door’s thermal performance and security. You can feel safe knowing that our core and the Extreme locking system meet the stringent “Secure by Design” requirements acknowledged by the authorities.

This is not just an entryway; it’s a fortress. The Solid Core Forte door features exterior-grade plywood and thin aluminium sheets sandwiched between a typical foam core punctuated by horizontal hardwood plinths to provide a sturdy structure. This core is surrounded by a strong 4mm GRP coating for further resistance.

Indigo 11 Grid Black Ash Brown Optimal Traditional Forte Door