Why It’s Important To Have A FENSA Certificate

Are you aware of FENSA? It’s a name that might be familiar to you through their TV adverts or in the marketing materials of home improvement companies, including Orion Windows as we are a fully accredited member of the trade body.

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If you don’t already know, FENSA is an abbreviation for the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, which is government-authorised and responsible for monitoring building regulation compliance for replacement windows and doors.

It’s in your interests to use a FENSA member for many reasons, including being assured of a quality installation. But not just that.

At the conclusion of your window and / or door project, a FENSA installer will hand over a FENSA certificate to you, a vital piece of documentation that you can only obtain from a FENSA-approved company.

FENSA certificates were first introduced in 2022 and it provides evidence that a window and / or door installation has been fully certified, complies with building regulations and offers sufficient energy efficiency.

As soon as it’s given to you, file it in a safe place, one that you will definitely remember. Why? Because you will need it when selling your house.

When unable to pass on a FENSA certificate to a prospective buyer, it could completely put them off.

If you do lose the certificate, don’t worry. It is possible to order a replacement copy via the official FENSA website for a small charge. You will just need to supply your address and certificate ID no. and if the installation was certified, a record of the installation should be found.

Using Orion Windows for a window or door installation will avoid you needing to certify an installation yourself, as we’ll take care of that for you. We’ll also give you that much-coveted FENSA certificate, so don’t go anywhere else for your windows and doors.

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