Why It’s Simple Nowadays To Improve Heritage Households

Any house proud homeowner should do their best to improve their property as often and as effectively as they can. It’s can be hard to do that though if you live in a period or Heritage home or property that’s slap bang in the middle of a conservation area.

Olive Grey Flush Casement Windows

We say that for several different reasons. Firstly, you need to be sure that new products integrated into the property preserve and enhance its character and in no way spoil its appearance. You may also have to contend with rules and regulations if the property is designated as a Listed Building. Lastly, the solutions you choose should also supply modern standards of energy efficiency, security, acoustics and need very little of the maintenance that timber solutions demand. You would be wrong to think that traditional white UPVC windows are the solitary option for such home improvement projects.

That’s because there have been major developments in technology that have allowed for the creation of products for Heritage properties that are befitting aesthetically and affordable.

These products supply the very finest thermal qualities, security and noise reduction, plus they’re incredibly low maintenance in comparison to timber, posing fewer problems with regards weathering.

One such product has only recently been incorporated into Orion Windows’ product range and is called ‘Envisage’, a brand new Flush Casement Window.

A design that’s modelled on the very first timber glazed windows, this Flush Casement has the simplest of lines and a sash that sits smoothly within its frame. Proportioned in a similar fashion to a classic timber window too, it is available in an impressive choice of Heritage inspired colours and comes with hardware affixed that’s reminiscent of traditional window furniture. Combining all of these things ensures Envisage can be effortlessly and successfully integrated into classically styled homes.

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