Switching Suppliers Not The Solution To Cut Energy Bills?

The consistent rise in energy prices has had a huge impact on the finances of thousands of UK families. Experts have long since recommended that anyone struggling with their bills should look to switch energy supplier to try and save money and find a more affordable deal. However, a report released by Consumer Focus has shown that many people are reluctant to change supplier.
26 per cent of people in the Consumer Focus study state that they would not consider switching supplier again, whilst 43 per cent of those living in fuel poverty say they will not be reverting to a new supplier in future. The primary reason being is because those who have switched in the past have found it extremely difficult to do so.
This will come as a blow to those who have long since advocated switching. Questions need to be asked as to why switching is such a complex process, particularly at a time when householders are desperate to find themselves the cheapest possible tariff.
Until something is done to make energy switching easier, property owners should still seek out ways of cutting their bills. Anyone living in a home still fitted with old windows should get them replaced as soon as they can as they will often be heavily responsible for high energy prices.
In their place should be double glazing in Skipton or double glazing in Whitby as it offers a far higher level of energy efficiency. Heat loss will disappear as will draughts, resulting in a far more comfortable living atmosphere, one that won’t cost you a fortune in energy.
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