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Why It’s Risky To Add A Solid Roof Without Building Regulations Approval

We expect that there will have been plenty of movement inside your conservatory over the past few weeks if you’re fortunate enough to own one of these classic home extensions. 

Gable Styled Solid Roof

Conservatories are such multi-purpose spaces. Amongst many things, they can be a destination for crafting with the kids or unwinding and switching off from the world. 

The only problem is when a conservatory roof stops doing its original job of keeping the extension well-insulated, leading to it overheating at this time of the year, as may be the case with your current roof. 

You can get the roof taken out and have a solid roof take its place, but we wouldn’t advise doing it until you have discovered if you need building regulations approval first. 

Local authorities have differing stances on solid roofs, with some stating they don’t require building regulations approval and others offering a contrasting view. 

It often comes down to whether the conservatory has the structural resilience to carry the weight of a solid roof, which although lightweight, can get heavy when covered with heavy snow.

The most prominent voice of authority in the industry, the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), states that the installation of a solid roof to a conservatory alters its original status and you should therefore get in contact with your local authority building control team for guidance. 

Orion Windows will act on your behalf and reach out to your local authority building control team if put in charge of your solid roof installation to ensure its fit for purpose and doesn’t flout the rules. Be suspicious of any solid roof ‘specialist’ claiming that you definitely don’t need building regulations approval, without having any basis to make such a claim. 

There may eventually come a time when you want to sell your home, but you will experience difficulty doing that if you don’t have a building regulations certificate for the solid roof. It’s a piece of documentation that any reputable solicitor will want to see. Without one, you will be forced to try and obtain retrospective building regulations approval, but there’s no guarantee this will be granted, leaving you in a complete pickle. 

Do things the right way and a solid roof will not just improve your conservatory, but it will also improve the valuation of your house by some margin, so it’s well worth the time and money involved. 


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