Are You Looking For A Heritage Window To Suit Your Property?

Replacing the existing windows at your house is never an easy task and doubly difficult if you live in a traditional or period home, especially if it’s located in a conservation area. The last thing you want to do is spoil the original character of the property or upset your local planning department.

Cream Heritage Windows

Your prayers have been answered if you’re struggling to source a suitable window solution in such circumstances as the Heritage range has been developed – a modern twist on an original 19th Century sash timber window. The level of detail that has gone into creating this exquisite range is quite breath-taking as it has been expertly hand finished by some of the best craftsmen in the business.

It has that same flush exterior and decorative interior, replicates traditional timber window sightlines and comes with hardware synonymous with windows of that era (monkeytail and pear drop handles and stays).

The coloured finishes available with the Heritage range have also been specifically chosen in tribute to the types of colours you would have normally been offered with a true timber window. You can select a mix of colours if you want one colour on the outside and something else on the inner window frame.  

What you will find most astounding is that a Heritage window is actually crafted from UPVC, not timber. You would swear from looking at and touching a Heritage design that authentic wood has been used, but we promise you that it hasn’t which is welcome news if you don’t want to be preserving the window in the future. Timber sash windows are prone to rotting, warping, swelling etc.

To see if Heritage windows really are as good as we say they are, come and view them at Orion Windows’ showroom in York. They will sustain your home’s character and please the planners.









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