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Household finances are being squeezed tighter than ever before. Petrol prices are up, food prices are up, maintenance costs are up, clothes prices are up, and most damaging of all, energy bills are up and expected to rise further over the next few years. But some homeowners are getting charged more on their household energy bills than others.
The reason being is because they have yet to replace their old and poorly insulating single glazed windows. Orion Windows can inform you that up to 25% of heat lost from the home is largely due to the inability of single glazing to store and trap heat. Instead it tends to allow cold spots and draughts to make their way into living spaces, which you then have to compensate for with your heating.

The frames of a traditional timber window just aren’t capable of dealing with extreme temperatures which is why it makes sense to get them replaced at the earliest opportunity.
At Orion Windows we can offer double glazing in Hull to all of those who are constantly being hit by expensive energy bills, designed to drive down the cost of energy on a permanent basis so that you have more to spend on all those other essentials.
Our windows come fitted with frames which offer a fantastic amount of thermal efficiency and a glass that promises to deflect away cold air and reflect large amounts of heat into your home.
The energy savings to be made from a brand new set of windows can really mount up over time and will easily cover the initial investment made in time.
You can view Orion Windows full range of window designs at one of our two showrooms and whilst you’re at it why not check out conservatories in Yorkshire.


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