Create The Perfect First Look With A Replacement Door

It isn’t always necessarily the internal appearance and condition of your house that determines what visitors make of your property – the look of your front door alone could form their opinion of it.

Solid Oak Composite Door

You’ve got to remember that your front door is the very face of your home and one of the first things people see as they approach towards it.

The style and colour of the door and material used to craft it needs to be exactly right and it must be furnished in an appropriate manner for it to make that all-important good first impression.

Has your front door lost its original charm and appeal? A replacement front door from Orion will not just revive your entrance, but your entire home.

Our replacement door range consists of the following solutions…

UPVC Doors

UPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride and is a low cost, low-maintenance material. UPVC doors can be supplied in a wide range of coloured finishes and are renowned for their durability.

The low thermal conductivity provided by a UPVC door ensures that it only lets a tiny fraction of the heat that escapes so easily through many other building materials pass through it. When a UPVC door looks dirty, it requires minimal effort to get it sparkling again without there being any need for repainting.

Composite Doors

A composite door is so-called because it is manufactured from a series of materials. It is one of the toughest doors you can buy, particularly as it also possesses a solid timber core.

You could very easily confuse a composite door for a traditional timber door as they share a definite likeness looks-wise, but that’s the only similarity as composite doors offer far greater security and thermal efficiency than authentic timber doors. It’s also resistant to fading, discolouration and only needs cleaning with a wet cloth.

Timber Doors

We have specially engineered our timber doors so that they don’t suffer from the problems that typically afflict traditional timber equivalents i.e. rotting, sagging, warping. The thermal qualities of our arresting timber doors are also mightily impressive.

A bit like composite doors, these modernised timber doors share an uncanny resemblance to traditional timber doors, but the all-round performance of our timber doors far exceeds anything a traditional timber door can offer. Your home will never have felt more secure or cosier.


There’s no exaggeration when we say that a replacement door from Orion could make your home the talk of the street. A visit to our York showroom will confirm that.



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