Why choose a Composite door?

Everything you want in a door; durability, strength and toughness, is a feature included in our Composite Door range. They are some of the toughest and strongest doors you could ever wish for. With its extremely thick composition, you can shut your front or back door with the utmost confidence.

All of our Composite Doors are weather-resistant, so they can fight off rain, wind or snow, whilst maintaining their colourful exterior. We offer Composite Doors in six colours, so there is something to suit both modern and contemporary homes.

We can fit all our doors knockers and numbers already attached. We assure you that this door will stand you in good stead through the years.

Black Composite Door

The Composite Door is the road to a more secure home

There’s always going to be stylish Composite Doors on the market, but good looks aren’t its primary purpose or main feature, security is. If you have been on a non-stop hunt trying to source a door that boasts strength and security for your home, then stop right now! The Composite Door is exactly what you need! It features a range of durable materials that are used to create the Composite frame. When they are forged together, they give it the power to fight off any form of force, subsequently keeping your home safe, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep or a stress free holiday.

For every home style and type, there’s a colourful Composite

You can choose from the predictable collection of door colours such as Blue, Red, Black and White. As well as this, we have a wide selection of contemporary favourites including Chartwell Green and Grey. If your dream is a Composite door design that looks exactly like traditional Timber then you need to check out our Oak and Darkwood finishes! They share all the aesthetic characteristics of a wood effect door but the modern conveniences of a Composite. If you want something unique, then go for our two tone colour option. It is paired up with a Moulded Woodgrain, which is achieved during the unique colour application process.

A significant drop in fuel costs? Yes Please!

There are many hidden benefits with having a Composite Door. A more notable one, is its thermal efficiency. It has outstanding thermal performance and compares more than favourably with any other door type. If a draught has developed in your home and is becoming problematic, this is a tell tale sign that your current door is reaching the end of its lifespan and you need to replace it immediately. There’s no better substitute than a Composite Door. Any concern you had when opening energy bills will be eliminated as your new Composite Door will lower your heating costs significantly.

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