Help Make 2012 A Greener Year With Double Glazing In York

There is a growing need for more UK homes to take out energy efficient measures if we are to see off the threat of climate change. At the moment there are too many of us giving very little thought and attention to this most pressing of issues and unless we do something about it soon it could lead to disastrous consequences for each and every one of us.

‘Green’ measures can be big or small; they needn’t cost you a fortune to install. Double glazing in York can be purchased and fitted by an installer for a fraction of what it will cost you in energy bills if you decide to persist with your poorly insulating single glazed windows. They money you spend on a brand new set of windows can easily be made back over time.

Carbon emissions will be lowered from the moment you install double glazing in Yorkshire as it is far more effective at storing heat. Around 25% of heat lost from a property can be put down to the inability of old windows to store warm air. New windows and conservatories in York will bring a halt to such problems and improve performance dramatically.

None of the tell-tale signs of ageing that commonly occur in traditional windows will be evident as they are specially designed to see off rotting, fading, warping and general wear and tear.

You can expect to get at least 20 years of energy efficiency out of any modern windows you buy so that you don’t have to think about replacing them again for a considerable amount of time. During their lifespan they will help heat your home and give your boiler a rest more frequently.

Do your bit for the environment and help save this wonderful planet we live in.


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