New Year, New Look – Quick Updates To Your Home That Will Have A Big Impact

The start of a brand New Year offers us all the opportunity to start afresh in certain areas of our lives and often motivates us to do things that we’ve forever been putting off but been wanting to do such as modifying our homes.

Replacement Roof on Large Conservatory Extension

You don’t need an endless pot of money to make effective updates to your property that will have a big impact, nor do you have to always go to strenuous lengths to accomplish them – so there really are no excuses for failing to do something to improve it.

To help give you the little nudge of encouragement you need to transform your home’s look, here’s a useful round-up of some of the simplest, impressive home improvement measures you can take…

Replace any old handles, pulls and door knobs

If any existing cabinets and drawers are largely still in a good condition and it’s only their respective handles, pulls or door knobs that are worn and letting them down, just replace them.

It should be very easy to remove the existing hardware and screw in the replacements. The entire cabinet or drawer will look like new again. When the surface looks shabby too, a fresh lick of paint will work a treat.

Out with the old and tidy up

We are a nation of hoarders and let’s be honest; most of us are guilty of being untidy at times. Don’t wait until spring to declutter the house and give it a deep clean as it will feel far more spacious afterwards.

Throw away anything broken that no longer serves its original purpose and either donate or sell off any household items that you don’t want any more but may prove useful for somebody else.

Get your fingers green

Bring out your inner Alan Titchmarsh and love your garden throughout the year, not just when summer comes around.

Trim your hedges and bushes, regularly mow and fertilise your lawn, pull out any weeds at the root and apply weed killer if necessary and plant some flowers to make it come alive with colour. Positive comments will be received thick and fast from visiting guests when you make your garden truly gorgeous.


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