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Why Choose A Composite Door?

Buying a new replacement front door for your home may not be quite as straightforward as you think as it needs to be spot on styling-wise, offer lasting protection and rejuvenate your entire entranceway.

Black Composite Door

It is very important that you exchange a front door the moment it exhibits any signs of ageing and one potential replacement door solution is the composite door.

The backstory of the composite door

Composite doors were first developed in the 1990’s and quickly became a rival option to the already well-established UPVC door.

While a UPVC door is predominantly made up of plastic, a composite door is constructed using a number of different materials including UPVC and wood. It also has a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin wrapping on its exterior and at its core is thick polyurethane foam.

Combining all these constituents in a single door design makes a composite door far more resilient than most replacement doors, so it’s more than capable of standing up to the weather and can last for years.

The perfect take on timber

You could place a composite door and timber door side-by-side and there will be very little difference in appearance. The noticeable woodgrain effect on composite doors makes them look exactly like timber doors.

The similar appearance of composite doors and timber doors are their only likeness though. A composite offering doesn’t demand any of the tiresome upkeep that a timber equivalent needs to continue looking good and performing at its best – you won’t have to bother with any repainting, varnishing, sanding etc.

You also have a wider choice of coloured finishes for composite doors in comparison to timber doors or UPVC doors as virtually any RAL colour can be implemented into the door frame. The beauty of having so many colours to choose from is that you’re guaranteed to find a suitable door finish whether you live in a quaint old cottage or the newest of new-builds.

Superb thermal insulating qualities

To keep the cost of energy bills down and keep your hallway nice and warm in winter it helps to have a front door that provides excellent thermal efficiency. A composite door offers exceptionally low U-Values, promising to keep the weather out.

The significant energy savings made will more than justify the investment into a composite design over a UPVC design.

To get a full overview of why the purchasing of a composite door from Orion will prove to be a masterstroke, read more about it here.

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