British Public Unconvinced By Governments Green Credentials

When the coalition government was formed and began its time in office almost three years ago, Prime Minister David Cameron pledged from the outset that they would be ‘the greenest government ever’. A poll conducted by YouGov has shown that just 2% of the British public believe that this has been the case.
A whopping 53.5% of those questioned have stated that the government has done an ‘average’ job when it comes to green policies. Despite this disappointing feedback from voters a government spokesman has said:
“We are firmly committed to being the greenest government ever and want to be judged on actions. Our major overhaul of the electricity market will bring forward hundreds of billions of pounds of investment in low-carbon power, and we’re doing more than any other country to provide long-term certainty with carbon budgets out to 2027.”
Opposition parties are more than sceptical about the government’s claims and believe that they are doing very little to make Britain a greener place to live.
We all have a responsibility to ensure that Britain reaches all green targets set by the government and this means making sure our homes are as energy efficient as possible.

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