8 Tips For Improving Your Home Security

Excitement levels will inevitably be high for the millions of Brits due to head away on their holidays in the coming weeks.

That excitement could quickly turn to despair if they discover on their return that their home has been broken into.

No-one wants to be faced with that situation, but unless your property is properly secure it is a distinct possibility.

So that you don’t have to worry about someone illegally gaining access to your home in your absence pay attention to our Top 8 home security tips.

  1. Stay silent on social media

Social media platforms like Facebook let you “check-in” at your current location. Try and avoid the temptation to check-in at the airport or post your holiday photos whilst still away as you’ll be publicising to the world that you home is currently empty and this could be seized upon by crafty thieves.

  1. Have secure new windows & doors fitted

Do you notice any give in your windows and doors when they’re locked? If so, they need to be replaced and the quicker, the better! Contemporary windows and doors have multi-point locking systems that are almost impossible to break. Their frames are also incredibly durable and difficult to force.

  1. Check everything is locked

You would be surprised how many break-ins occur simply because a homeowner has failed to lock up properly and it won’t impress your home insurer. You can have the most secure windows and doors in the world, but if they’re aren’t locked then there’s no chance of them doing their job properly. Make checking your windows and doors are locked part of your routine when leaving your home empty or going up to bed.

  1. Fit a burglar alarm

Install a dummy alarm at your own risk. Some burglars will spot them a mile off. Instead, have a British Standard approved alarm system fitted by an alarm specialist. The many different alarm systems on the market vary in price, with a reliable alarm usually costing around £1,000 in total. Weigh that cost up against how much you would potentially be left out of pocket if you were burgled.

  1. Fit CCTV

The ultra-vigilant may also want to think about installing closed circuit television, an eye in the sky for keeping track of any attempted threat to your home. There are very basic CCTV systems out there that film in black and white, or you could go for a system that films and records in glorious high definition.

  1. Have a friend pop in

Curtains that are drawn in the daytime and unclaimed post hanging out of your letterbox are both obvious giveaways that nobody is at home. Speak to a friend and ask them if they would be kind enough to pop into your home in the morning to remove any post and open the curtains, and at night to shut the curtains.

  1. Don’t leave a key out

If you have more than one person popping into your home make sure that they don’t leave the spare key for one another under a doormat or plant pot. Thieves aren’t daft and will check such places before trying to find another means of gaining entry into your house. Have spare keys cut and only give them to people you wholeheartedly trust.

  1. Join your nearest Neighbourhood Watch scheme

There are neighbourhood watch schemes across the country and their purpose is to reduce crime in communities. Those who are members of the scheme keep watch on any suspicious activity and report crime. If you find that there isn’t currently a neighbourhood watch scheme where you live then you could always set one up with your fellow neighbours.

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