How To Get A Kitchen Extension That Caters For Everything Organised

It used to be the living room that families would congregate in after a hard day or week or during a weekend, but there’s been a major shift in living habits. 

Kitchen & New Dining Area Extension

Most families can now be found spending much of their home time in the kitchen, and not just when sitting down for breakfast or at the dinner table. 

Would you like to incorporate your kitchen more heavily into your home lifestyle, but don’t have a kitchen design to accommodate this desire?

Orion Windows can always provide you with a kitchen extension, and can let you into the recipe of creating the perfect new kitchen. 


You need a kitchen layout that fits with your living habits and is efficiently arranged. 

The ‘kitchen working triangle’ is an often used layout, called such because the sink, oven and fridge will be in a triangular formation. It’s been tried-and-tested for years and proved to be a methodical configuration.

Another favourite is the open-plan kitchen, which requires the absence of walls and partitions. This will maximise space and help with interaction between your family. Other options include the L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen.  

Adequate storage

If you’ve lived in your house for many years, there’s a good chance that your kitchen is jam-packed with utensils, food, appliances etc. 

Do a stocktake ahead of planning your new kitchen so that you can figure out how much storage you will need. Some of the cleverest storage solutions include the hanging of utensils above a kitchen table, installing open shelving and putting in a larder or pantry. 

Chuck out anything that you don’t need so that you don’t end up with a kitchen that doesn’t offer sufficient storage. 

Colour scheme

Choosing a colour scheme is one of the most important considerations as you want your kitchen extension to have a fashionable finish. 

Sit in front of the colour wheel to find a shade that floats your boat. If you want more than one shade, you will find colours that successfully complement one another in adjacent positions. 

Neutral tones and pastels will generate a very tranquil mood in a kitchen space, giving it a relaxed feel. To reflect a busy kitchen environment, look towards the more energetic colours. 

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