3 Home Improvement Tips For A Smaller Property

3 home improvement ideas for smaller homes

Space at home is something that you can never have enough of, but it’s often hard to come by if you have a growing family and a property that’s on the small side. 

If you live in a quite compact residence, you certainly aren’t alone and as stated by https://propertymanagervegas.com/las-vegas-property-management/landlord-checklist/ property experts, as it’s common knowledge that the average size of a new-build in the UK has decreased by 20% over the last 40 years. 

Could they shrink even further in the future? There’s every chance that they will. 

For you, and anyone else who is short on space in their home, Orion can provide some tricks that are great for making the inside of small homes feel far bigger than they are.

Hanging up mirrors

When done right, this is a tip that never fails to work. It just requires use of the correct mirror types and them being added to the correct spots within a house. 

Some look to group together a variety of small mirrors, but that won’t be as effective as installing a large mirror on a wall that has a small surround. 

The other bit of advice is to not install a mirror too near a wall or ceiling’s edge and have the centre of it at eye-level.


Painting walls in light colours

Adding mirrors to all of your walls would be overkill, so keep a few of them bare and just give them a lick of paint, preferably with a light colour. 

To reflect natural light in any bright rooms, a pure white finish is ideal, or if there’s any rooms that are slightly devoid of sunlight, a black finish will actually be the best finish for doing a similar thing. 

Whichever colour you choose, use it to also paint a ceiling, and the trims and doors.

A colour pallette for an extension

Install bi-folds / French / patio doors

Help your indoor and outdoor spaces come together with the installation of bi-folding, French or patio doors in the middle of the two settings. 

That’s what will happen whenever you leave the door completely open, either by sliding, folding or pushing it open, depending on which door you opt for. 

These doors don’t even have to be open to create the illusion of space as they predominantly consist of glass, so when fully closed, lots of the sun will travel through them and into your house.

A partly open bi-folding door

Orion would love to take responsibility for fitting out your home with our bi-folding, French or patio doors. To get a FREE quote for any of these three products, just click here.


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