3 Ways That You Can Minimise Any Condensation Your Windows Get

3 Things You Can Do To Reduce The Threat Of Condensation

The appearance of condensation on their windows is a telltale sign for many homeowners that autumn has arrived and the weather is getting colder. 

Whenever you get it on your windows, it’s advisable to wipe it away each time with a wet towel as an immediate measure, because if you continuously leave the windows wet, eventually mildew and mould can form on them. 

Any exposure to mould and mildew has the potential to cause you breathing difficulties and other unpleasant health issues. 

So that this doesn’t come to fruition, get to grips with condensation, using these three pieces of advice:

Improve indoor ventilation

When you have the cooker on in your kitchen or you’re running a hot bath, these areas become really humid and this humidity can spread to other rooms. 

This humidity needs to be lost from the house, which can be done just by opening some windows, enabling it to escape and for fresh air to come in. 

An extractor fan is also designed for this purpose, to extract any excess heat from the indoors.

An open window

Hang washing outside

Is it wishful thinking to hope that we might get a few warm days over the next few months? 

If we do, you want to use your outdoor washing line to dry your washing, like you did in the summer, as radiator or tumble dryer use raises humidity levels and creates indoor moisture. 

It also costs you nothing to dry clothes outside, saving you cash on energy.

Clothes on a washing line

Keep heating on low

We tend to fiddle with our heating a lot in winter and this doesn’t help you fight off condensation. 

What you ought to do is locate a temperature that feels comfortable and isn’t too high, and maintain it, instead of doing the usual and switching it up and down all the time. 

Keeping it low will also ensure your fuel costs don’t become too expensive.

A thermostat

When these tips don’t have the necessary impact, there’s only one thing for it – invest in new double or triple glazed replacement windows. 

For more guidance on condensation, have a read of the Helpful Guide dedicated to the topic, which you can obtain a copy of here.


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