A Complete Guide To Orion’s Replacement Doors

Moved into a new house recently and not too keen on the front door, or lived in your house for a long time and think your old front door has seen better days? In both scenarios, the purchasing of a new front door should be a priority.

The front door has a significant impact on the appearance of any home. When replacing it your first job should be to decide on a budget.

Buy cheap, you get cheap. Quality should always come first. So, keep that in mind when settling on a price you’re prepared to pay.

Then comes the really hard work; trying to decide which door design suits the character of your home and the best choice of door material.

UPVC vs Aluminium vs Composite

We sell UPVC doors, aluminium doors and composite doors at Orion Windows. We wouldn’t favour one material over the others as they’re all exceptionally good, but it may help your decision making to have an understanding of each.

UPVC doors

Unplasticised poly vinyl chloride, or UPVC for short, does not warp, rot or rust, making it a perfect door building material. It is also weather resistant and enduring, with only an occasional wipe needed to wipe any blemishes off a UPVC door frame. They offer superb thermal insulation too, helping to keep interiors warm by reducing heat loss. Minimal heat loss means less expensive fuel costs.

Aluminium doors

Estimated to be a whopping 43 times stronger than wood and 3 ½ times stronger than UPVC, one of the biggest advantages of an aluminium door is that you can have it supplied in virtually any powder-coated colour as it can be sprayed to match any RAL colour. Surprisingly lightweight, if you’re the type of person who’s keen to do their bit for the environment you will be pleased to know that aluminium is 100% recyclable.

Composite doors

When observing a composite door for the first time you would automatically assume that it was a timber door. Made up of PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP (glass reinforced plastic), it has the exact same look as timber, but doesn’t need any of the maintenance. Comprising all those materials together and creating a strong core also makes a composite door incredibly durable, so breaking it is almost impossible.

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