5 Ways To Heat Your Home For Less

Keeping your home warm during winter is difficult if draughts get through your windows and doors easily.

Now that we have reached the month of March, those with cold properties will be hoping for an upturn in the weather, but this is England! Some forecasters are even predicting that more snow could be on the way. Who knows what’s in store?

If you’re worried about more cold weather affecting your residence then check out these 5 tips to help you stay warm indoors:

1. Fit energy efficient windows and doors

Your old windows and doors will be responsible for allowing coldness to creep into your private living space so the obvious solution is to replace them. Energy efficient windows and doors will eliminate draughts and leave you with a more affordable fuel bill.

2. Invest in some draught excluders

If you cannot afford to buy new doors and windows then you can plug any gap created at the bottom of the frame with a quality draught excluder. It will both stop cold air coming in and prevent warm air from escaping.

3. Wear an extra layer of clothing

It’s an obvious suggestion but the simplest way to keep warm is to put on a few extra layers of clothing. Double up and wear two thick jumpers or slip a t-shirt under your big wooly pullover to keep the cold at bay.

4. Leave the oven door open

Your oven reaches extreme temperatures when cooking food, so once it’s ‘done’ leave the open door open and allow the warm air to circulate. Warn other family members though to prevent potential accidents.

5. Close the curtains at nightfall

Closing your curtains at night time will both enhance your privacy and prevent the warm air produced by your boiler from passing through your windows. The thicker the curtains, the better the job they’ll do.

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