Blinds A Better Option Than Curtains?

If you are looking for new curtains, why not consider blinds?

Curtains have been becoming less and less popular over the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why. For many years they were an essential to any home for decoration, heat retention and maintaining privacy.

But technology has advanced and blinds have negated the necessity of curtains.

New options that are available put curtains to shame, in both aesthetic appeal as well as the features they offer. Perfect Fit Blinds come in a huge range of colours and designs, including many metal finishes for a sleek and modern look. However, there are a vast range of designs and colours available – enough to match any home, old or new.


The blinds are made by hinging a number of panels or sheets together, which enables them to fold back, the blinds can be adjusted to let as much air or light in as required.

A great feature of fitted window blinds is the fact that they work entirely with your window, no matter what design. A certain type of window called tilt and turn can open on a tilt or open fully on a hinge. With curtains there would be no way of opening the window and retaining privacy, but the fitted blinds can still be drawn on a tilted or opened window.

The Perfect Fit Blinds can be fitted to doors and even Conservatories. The blinds don’t require dry cleaning, or much maintenance – as curtains retain dust, which can lead to allergies – they can be easily maneuvered when cleaning windows, and generally they offer a better option than curtains currently do.

With curtains, they are either open or closed. The blinds can open slightly, letting light in but still retaining privacy as well. This can be especially useful with strong sunlight, preventing glare but also allowing light to filter in to the room.

Curtains have provided a great service, but perhaps it’s time for them to move over entirely to the more modern blind range available.

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