Increasing Number Of Students Living In Fuel Poverty

Fuel poverty has become a growing issue for thousands of UK homeowners as the cost of household energy continues to rise at a rapid rate. The issue has particularly affected the elderly as those going without essential heat and warmth put their health and potentially their life at risk.
However, one group of people have been somewhat forgotten about according to a study conducted by the University of Birmingham, students and young people. Carried out in Birmingham, the inquiry showed that half of those surveyed are cutting back on the use of appliances, whilst half said that their accommodation suffered with mould and condensation.
A large slice of the blame is being pointed towards landlords of student accommodation as they fail to make their property as energy efficient as it needs to be. In some cases, students aren’t even aware that they are living in fuel poverty, but as the problem grows it is likely that more young people will begin to take more notice of energy efficiency.

This should serve as a serious warning to those landlords nationwide who have so far failed to implement double glazing in Hull or double glazing in Otley at their student accommodation as it could result in them being left empty once the new study year comes around.
People of all ages are slowly beginning to become more energy-savvy as the cost of their energy bills goes up at a rapid rate and hits their finances harder than ever before. So next time you have a group of young people visit your property don’t be surprised if they start asking you questions with regards energy efficiency.
Rather than leave yourself red-faced you should immediately replace all old windows and doors, and if necessary install insulation in your loft. You could even look into conservatories in Yorkshire.
Brand new windows and doors will help ensure that draughts cannot make their way into your living space so that your property forever feels warm and cosy. They will also trap large amounts of heat and make sure that it cannot leave your home, therefore enabling the occupiers to cut down on energy usage and the cost of their heating bills.
Once you install energy efficient measures you won’t have to think about taking a similar course of action or making a similar investment again for at least the next 20 years so they are worth the money and can help you attract students young and old.


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