Is The Winter Weather Getting The Better Of Your Windows?

You can definitely tell that winter is on its way. Although we haven’t been hit by any snow quite yet, outside temperatures have started to plummet and we’ll all be relying on our homes to keep us warm throughout the coming months. 

Triple Glazing

It shouldn’t be the case that you have to layer up indoors to stay cosy, but that’s what you will be forced to do if your existing windows fail to insulate your house and you don’t have them replaced with energy efficient alternatives. 

A string of double and triple glazed energy efficient windows can be bought from Orion Windows, including casement, Georgian and sliding sash styles, which all have an A+ energy rating as standard.

The significance of that WER (Window Energy Rating) cannot be overemphasised enough as A+ rated windows are just about the most thermally efficient windows you can get. 

They’ll assure you of comfort, no matter how cold it gets this winter. And that’s not all they will do…

Cheaper energy bills

You will naturally turn your heating up when your living space is invaded by draughts to try and fight them off, but this can literally prove costly. 

The cost of your energy bills will become so much more expensive than they should be and they will eat into your finances. 

Putting new energy efficient windows in will enable your heating system to take more of a backseat as they’ll retain warmth over a sustained period, resulting in energy costs falling. 

Keep the noise down

The world can be a very noisy place, something you will be well aware of if you live on a busy road or within a generally boisterous area and only have single glazed windows.

To put an end to external noise giving you earache, upgrade to double or triple glazing as the extra pane/s of glass and spacer bar/s will help to muffle the din caused by traffic and loud neighbours. 

Create an attractive home

Windows are always one of the most prominent and notable features of any house, so their appearance can very much dictate the overall aesthetics of a property. 

If your windows have a tired look, they can massively diminish the styling of the building. 

The integration of UPVC or aluminium windows will reinvigorate your home and ensure it impresses invited guests and people who just happen to spot it. And, best of all, UPVC and aluminium windows don’t need any tiresome upkeep as they’re completely maintenance-free. 

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