Prepare Yourself For Price Hikes With Orion Windows

Four of the UKs major energy suppliers have increased their prices in recent months and following news yesterday that EDF Energy is pulling its cheapest fixed rate plans, there are fears that EDF are about to do the same. This will make it even harder for homeowners to find affordable tariffs and give them no other option but to bear the brunt of the cost.

However, Orion Windows doesn’t believe in accepting high energy prices as the norm as there are ways around it and double glazing in York is just one of them.

Many of those currently experiencing expensive heating bills every month are those who still have traditional windows fitted in their home. Old and dated windows tend to leak heat very easily and as a result of this it means that you rely on your boiler more than you should do, hence why the cost of heating bills are so high.

Double glazing from Orion Windows is so successful at reducing the cost of energy because it traps heat and retains it for long periods of time and also eliminates any cold draughts that may have previously invaded your living space.

Your home will feel more comfortable than ever before once you have a new set of windows fitted in those rooms that you use more regularly. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, double glazing will make sure that you never feel the cold.

For those looking for an alternative comfortable living space why not also try orangeries in York and conservatories in York as they both offer spaciousness and luxury of the very highest order.

Expensive energy need not be any concern of yours when you replace as many old windows in your home that can possibly afford and buy them from Orion Windows.


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