3 Benefits Of Installing A Porch To Your Home

In addition to making your New Year Resolutions have you also started thinking about how you can improve your home in 2019? There are always parts of our properties that can be improved upon and one of your biggest focuses should be your entrance.

Front Brick Built Porch

Put yourself in the shoes of a visitor and be completely impartial when determining whether your entranceway impresses enough.

If it fails to excite you why not add a porch to your New Year shopping list as it’s a very affordable home improvement measure that’s guaranteed to lift the external face of the property.

We have three persuasive points that will hopefully encourage you to buy a porch…

It’ll make a fantastic first impression

You want people to be talking about your home in positive terms long after they’ve left and an attractively designed porch will ensure that is the case.

The UPVC or brick-built porch needs to be in keeping with the character of the house to have the desired effect on the entranceway.

It shouldn’t take long to construct the porch after you have commissioned a design either as most porches automatically comply with planning laws and building regulations.

It can be used as a storage point

Are you squeezed for space indoors? It’s a common problem amongst families that have been living in their properties for a long time.

Lots of floor space will be freed up thanks to the presence of a porch as you can use it for storing shoes, coats, hats, scarves and who knows what else. This will stop them clogging up valuable room elsewhere and give you more space to play with.

It might help you sell your home

It’s never been more difficult to sell a property in the UK. The ultra-competitive nature of the market has left thousands stranded in their existing homes when all they want to do is move.

What they need is several big selling-points and a porch certainly comes into that category. The prominence of a porch is impossible to go unnoticed and it’s highly likely to turn the heads of buyers when they go for a viewing.

If we have convinced you that a porch ought to be a part of any home improvement plans you have in the New Year, get a FREE quote for one off Orion Windows.



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