Conservatories At Orion Windows Are Multi Purpose

It is one thing deciding that you need to increase living space within the home, but you also need to decide how you are best utilising it once you have a conservatory installed. Orion Windows are the experts when it comes to installing extensions, but as far as deciding how it is used is purely a choice for the homeowner. Once you advise us of how you intend to use it we can then get it appropriately accessorised. There are many possibilities:

Dining room

For special occasions when you invite guests over for some food, conservatories in York can make a spectacular location. Both during the day and at night time conservatories can be something really special and can give you and your friends a wonderful view of your garden while you enjoy your fine dining.

Living room

Need to get away from the confines of your traditional living room to somewhere that offers you peace and tranquillity? The conservatory can act as a second living room and has the room available for you to install a TV and any other bits of electrical equipment you may require.

Personal gym

We are all being encouraged to stay fit, but many of us are put off by the prices that that our local gym offers. You could realistically turn your new conservatory into your own personal home gym and equip it with all your weights and other keep fit essentials.


An increasing number of people now work from home rather than having to travel. You will obviously need somewhere that you can work on such occasions and also require as much silence as possible. A conservatory could be just the place you have been looking for.

While you are in the process of having a conservatory installed, why not add double glazing as an accompaniment.


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