Do You Need To Enhance Your Home’s Energy Efficiency?

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You don’t have to worry so much at present whether your home is energy efficient enough because the weather is pretty warm, but summer won’t last forever. 

Winter is lurking in the distance and who knows how cold it will be? 

Let’s make the assumption that it’s going to be a very chilly one. Can you confidently say that your home is prepared for that? 

The current energy efficiency rating of the building will give you an idea of whether it is or not and you can find that out from your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). 

EPC’s are needed to sell or rent out any home, so you should have one for yours. If you don’t, get in touch with an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor and ask them to perform an energy audit of the place. 

Ideally, you want it to offer an ‘A’ rating, or very near to it. To attain an ‘A’ rating, these are the sort of energy efficient measures you will need implemented: 

Double or triple glazed windows and doors

Old windows and doors allow heat to leak out of homes very easily – did you know they can be responsible for up to 25% of total heat loss? 

If you’re living with ageing windows and doors, we recommend that you upgrade to double or triple glazed windows and doors. Envisage flush casement windows are one of our best-selling replacement windows and provide an exceptional standard of thermal efficiency. For the security-conscious homeowner, they can meet the requirements laid out to be Secured by Design.

Installed in tandem, double or triple glazed windows and doors can help you save £170 each year. 

Eco-friendly boiler

Look out for the ErP (Energy related Products Directive) rating displayed on a boiler before you go out and buy a new one as it tells you how energy efficient they are. Most new boilers have an ‘A’ ErP rating. 

If your current boiler is pretty old, it’s ErP will likely be poor, and there’s an enhanced threat of it failing, which can be a nightmare in winter. 

The outlay for an A-rated boiler is expensive, but the annual savings will be huge. The Energy Saving Trust estimates it will save you £340 a year.

Is Your Boiler Eco-Friendly

Loft insulation

According to the information provided on this page, a home that’s uninsulated can lose as much as 25% of the heat generated inside of it through its roof. Placing loft insulation in your loft, attic or roof will reduce this. People need to check out residential roofing contractors Woodbury MN see BA Roofing

It’s a really cost-effective product as good loft insulation can last for 40 years or longer. If you want to get such amazing insulation materials, you can visit this website and get the best one!

You may also be able to fit it yourself, or you can ask an approved insulation installer to install it for you – head to the National Insulation Association website to find an approved installer in your area.

If new windows are a major priority for this winter, get a FREE no obligation quote for Envisage windows, or any other replacement windows sold by Orion Windows. 


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