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3 Questions That Need Answering When You Want To Extend Your Home

Things to think about when extending your home

Interest in our home extensions has increased and we can only guess that in many cases, it is because householders have realised during the lockdowns that they need more space. 

Spending so much time indoors has a tendency to emphasise this, when you almost feel like you’re living on top of each other and don’t really have anywhere for some time to yourself. 

Extending will be worth it in these circumstances, but you must plan it well and answer a series of important questions first. 

These are 3 of the biggest of them:

Is the extension going to need planning permission?

You won’t need to have any concerns about planning permission if the single-storey extension meets the limits and conditions to be classed as Permitted Development. 

To find out it has Permitted Development Rights, just contact your local authority and they will advise for free. 

Building regulations approval can also be necessary for some extensions. This isn’t the same as planning permission. The person to ask about this is your local building control officer.

An extension with planning permission

What budget do you have?

Working out how much you have to spend on an extension needs to be one of the first things you do. 

Assess your finances in detail so that you can figure out a sum of money for the project, and if it’s a strict budget, tell the installer involved so that they don’t break it.

After being told of your budget, a number of potential extension designs will be produced for you to have a look at.

An extension with French doors

Is there value in doing it?

Whenever you improve your home, one of the overall aims should be to increase its value, and it’s no different with an extension. 

How many extra pounds it puts on your house price will depend on a series of factors, such as what size it is, where the property is located, and the build-quality of the extension. 

A company with an extensive background in home extensions will be able to give you a good idea of how much value it will add, based on projects they have completed in the past.

A black and white conservatory

Have a look through the Extensions page on our website for a whole lot more information and guidance about home extensions so that yours goes perfectly to plan.

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