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Show Your Home Some Love With These 3 DIY Ideas

DIY might be something that comes natural to you, whereas some find that they have a knack for doing it. 

It’s always worth doing some DIY at home because it will improve it, and you will get a huge amount of enjoyment from seeing your DIY make a positive difference. 

But don’t be too over ambitious, as that’s when things could go wrong if you’re a bit of a DIY novice. 

Keep it simple. 

To put you on the right track, Orion can offer 3 DIY project ideas that we believe anyone can do, even you! 

Update your cabinets

Does your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom need a mini makeover? A simple update of the cabinets in these rooms will fix that. 

First, check to see if the existing units are still functioning as they should, and if they are, give them a fresh lick of paint, or reface the outside surface of the cabinets with a covering in a colour of your choice. Replacing any shabby hardware will be easy too.

After they’ve been updated, it will feel like the whole room has been updated. It will be so cheap and quick to do, and an eco-friendly upgrade.

Add a gallery to a wall

Are you faced with a bare wall in your living room? Instead of leaving it blank, hang up lots of photographs onto it with a certain theme. 

The logical type of photographs would be pictures of your family and friends, taken at home, out and about or on holiday, or you could hang snaps of famous faces that you admire. 

See if you have any old photo frames you can update, or find some cheap frames in any colour, size or shape you like, hanging them carefully so they don’t damage the wall. 

Make garden items out of pallets

It’s almost summer time and you want to be out in your garden enjoying it as often as you can. Enhance your garden with any unused pallets you have or can get your hands on. 

Upcycle them into vertical planters so that you have a new way of growing plants outside and can do so without it restricting you for space. A different option would be to turn the pallets into a wooden bench, giving you extra seating for when having outdoor drinks and a barbecue. 

Does your home need things doing to it that you couldn’t possibly do yourself, such as it being fitted out with new windows and doors? Leave that to Orion Windows. Contact us here for help. 

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