The Top Home Trends Of 2018 And Expected Trends Of 2019

It’s useful to keep on top of the latest home interior trends if you’re looking to create a more fashionable home for yourself in the near future.

This year has seen various home interior trends emerge including the rise in popularity of skylights, smart technology and colourful kitchens.

Installing a skylight indoors helps to bring more of the sun inside and make rooms feel extra spacious, while our ever more sophisticated smartphones are enabling us to control virtually everything at home at the touch of a button. Bolder, brighter kitchens can simply put down to householders losing their inhibitions and being braver with their colour choices in an area of the house that’s increasingly becoming the heart of the home in many households. Few companies like Rolwes Company like to be trend setters in this field and are concentrating on bringing out the uniqueness in the interior design from each home projects that they have undertaken.

As for the trends that are likely to cause a stir in 2019 we can only use our vast experience and foresight to predict what some of them might be…

Spiced Honey

After being christened Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2018, Ultra Violet has been the world’s most sought after colour over the past 12 months.

The colour of 2019 will be Spiced Honey as it has recently been announced as Dulux’ Colour of the Year for 2019.

If you have yet to see Spiced Honey it is described as “a warm amber tone, inspired by the beauty and versatility of honey itself.”

This Dulux guide gives you some practical ideas of how you can use Spiced Honey in your home interior.

Statement Ceilings

When decorating the inside of our houses we usually focus on the walls and neglect to include the ceiling in our decorating efforts, but that is set to change.

Expect to see lots of statement ceilings in homes that will have you instantly looking up rather than straight ahead or from side-to-side.

Creating a statement ceiling can be as simple as painting the ceiling in a colour that appropriately matches accent walls and your chosen décor. If that’s a little too unambitious for your liking, you could always incorporate a three-dimensional or Geometric design into it to make a really striking statement.

Floral Patterns

Are you a fan of flowers? Whether you are or you aren’t, you are going to be seeing a ‘blooming’ lot of florals in home interiors.

Online and High Street suppliers of throws, pillows, bedding and various soft furnishings are all adding florals to their designs in anticipation of this surge of interest in floral effects.

Try not to go too floral-crazy though as it could be a bit too much for the eyes to take! Subtleness and sophistication is key.


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