Composite Doors vs UPVC Doors: Which Should You Choose?

A residential front door is far from just a door. It should set the whole tone for your home and be a feature that stands out for all the right reasons and makes an impression.

White Composite Doors

Be completely honest and ask yourself this question – is your front door showing your home off in a good light?

If you believe that it isn’t, a replacement front door needs to be at the top of your priority list. The two most popular replacement doors available at Orion are composite doors and UPVC doors.

We wouldn’t like to nudge you in the direction of one door over the other as composite doors and UPVC doors are on an equal footing, it just depends on your circumstances and what you prefer.

Discovering how they fare in the key areas of aesthetics, cost and security may help you pick a winner…


The name ‘composite’ comes from the fact that a composite door is manufactured using a string of materials and if you didn’t know, UPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride.

Wood is just one of the materials used in a composite door design and that explains why on the surface a composite door looks so similar to a traditional timber door. However, a composite door doesn’t age as dramatically as a timber solution.

A UPVC door has more of a shiny appearance due to the use of plastic but that isn’t as unappealing as it may sound as UPVC doors come in a wonderful array of coloured finishes. Like composite doors, they’re also maintenance-free.


How much money you have to spend on a new door will have an influence on your decision and UPVC doors are more affordable than composite doors. But that shouldn’t necessarily mean you should buy a UPVC door as the extra money you pay for a composite door will give your property extra security.

Factor in too that both a UPVC door and composite door offer an excellent standard of thermal efficiency and will save you lots of money on future energy bills. During the lifetime of the door, it could easily cover the cost of the investment.


You could strongly argue though that the most important role of your front door is to keep your home well-protected and a new composite door or UPVC door will strengthen home security.

The toughness of a composite door takes some beating as the door frame is amazingly robust and like a UPVC door, it comes with a multi-point locking mechanism affixed to the design. When the locking systems on both types of door are engaged shut, you will have very little chance of forcing them open.


Don’t decide on a door until you have seen some composite doors and UPVC doors in our York showroom. You will be greeted by some fabulous designs.  



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