How To Keep Your Home Secure

Just imagine for a moment how you would feel if someone broke into your home – we guess that you’d feel a sick sensation in the pit of your stomach.

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To highlight the importance of securing your home, October marks the start of National Home Security Month (NHSM).

Throughout the month, the organisers behind National Home Security Month are providing homeowners with various tips of how they can better protect their home.

**Research by NHSM has uncovered that a whopping 25% of Brits admit to having no home security at all!**

We have a few tips of our own to help you protect your property from the constant threat that thieves pose:

  1. Replace your old windows and doors

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you notice any give in your locked windows and doors when pushing them?
  • Do the locks on your windows and doors feel flimsy?

If the honest answer to either of these questions is “yes” then you must get them replaced with contemporary windows and doors.

Up-to-the-minute windows and doors are extremely resilient and have very sophisticated locking mechanisms that are almost impossible to break when locked. They’re also usually internally beaded so that any glass in the window or door cannot be removed from the outside.

Any outbuildings e.g. shed or summer house should also have secure locks.

  1. Stop leaving a key out

Thieves aren’t stupid!

Don’t be tempted to leave a house key under a plant pot next to the front door or welcome mat for people to get into your home when you’re not there as thieves will check such places before attempting to make a forced entry. If this is found to be the cause of robbery it could invalidate any contents or home insurance that you have.

Get keys cut for every member of family who lives in the house and also give one to a very trusted friend or neighbour.

  1. Fit an alarm system

There are two main types of alarm system available that will help detect when an attack on your home is being made:

  • Bells-only – this will make a ringing noise for 20 minutes when a break-in occurs and continue to flash until it’s turned off.
  • Monitored – this is monitored by an external security company who will attempt to make contact with you when the alarm is triggered. If they’re unsuccessful in their efforts to get hold of you, they will try to contact a key holder and/or the Police.

We strongly recommend that you don’t install a dummy alarm system as they very rarely fool seasoned burglars.

Create a safer home with Orion

You will have far more confidence in your home when leaving it unoccupied once you have had ultra-secure double or triple glazed windows and doors fitted by the expert installation team at Orion Windows.

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