Experience A Warm 2013 With Orion Windows

UK homeowners have generally experienced a mild but wet Christmas period, despite many forecasters predicting freezing temperatures as a result of the Beast from the East. Thankfully a sharp drop in temperature did not come to fruition but you have to remember that we are only in January and the weather could turn for the worse at any point over the coming weeks.
Anyone who decides to stay loyal to their existing poorly insulated windows could yet live to regret their decision as the first sign of cold weather could see their home become subject to draughts and make home living generally uncomfortable. It is much better to prepare for every eventuality and get a brand new set of windows installed by Orion Windows.
We specialise in producing and manufacturing double glazing in Skipton and double glazing in Whitby which is specially created to cut the amount of heat loss that occurs in the home and prevent cold air from getting inside. Less heat loss and draughts means lower fuel bills. No gaps will ever appear between the frame and glass throughout their 20+ year lifespan so you can also be rest assured of thorough and regular insulation.
It will also be much better for the environment that you waste less energy as the over usage of fossil fuels is damaging to the overall health of the planet and the more we each contribute to the cause in terms of lowering conventional energy use, the greater the long-term prospects for us all.
Our windows won’t even need looking after as they each come with a maintenance-free UPVC frame which is easy-clean and able to see off even the most extreme weather. You can even put your paintbrushes away as your chosen finish will remain intact until the day they need replacing again.


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