Why Buying A Modular Extension Will Be A Waste Of Money

In the past, when you badly needed more space at home you would almost inevitably move to a new, bigger house, if you could afford it, just to avoid the red tape involved in extending.

Home Extension - Bi-Folding Doors

There isn’t so much of that red tape any more after the government permitted the installation of larger single-storey extensions without planning permission.

So, if you have the room to grow your house, do it! However, don’t extend with a modular extension, a fast-emerging option.

For those of you who don’t know, a modular extension is a prefabricated structure, one that’s principally built in a factory, before being transferred to an outdoor site for a final assembly.

That’s one of the biggest selling-points of a modular extension; it can be fitted in no time at all!

You will also find that modular extensions are less costly than conservatories and orangeries, but in our mind, the low-price tag is reflective of the quality, or lack of it, that you get.

They’re not constructed from bricks and mortar, which gives them an inferior build quality compared to a conservatory or orangery. Rest assured, you will not receive a 20-year guarantee with a modular extension, whereas you get that exact length of cover with virtually every extension sold at Orion.

Something else you get to do with an Orion extension that you’re very limited to doing with modular extensions, is being able to customise it. It’s great being able to tailor an extension and make it your own, but there is little scope to do that and you pretty much get what you’re given.

The absence of bricks and mortar in a modular extension also makes it a non-standard construction.

This could cause you issues if you ever want to sell the house as getting a mortgage for a house with a non-standard construction can be difficult, which will put many buyers off.


Avoid such hassle and buy a high-quality extension from Orion that will last and be everything you want it to be.

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