10 Ways To Frustrate Thieves This Winter

The clocks go back this weekend which means that darkness will fall an hour earlier than normal. Less daylight hours presents burglars with more opportunity to break into your home so it is vital that you remain on your guard.

Recent research conducted by Co-operative Insurance has shown that home thefts rise by 38 per cent in the five months after the conclusion of BST.

To reduce the risk of your home being targeted we recommend that you take the following precautions:

1. If your current windows and doors have been in place for a substantial amount of time then they may not be providing the security your home needs. Get them replaced.
2. Join the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme where everyone comes together to ensure a safer community.
3. You may be heading off on holiday this winter. If you are then get a trusted friend or neighbour to pay regular visits to your home and e.g. open the curtains, remove any post from the doorstep.
4. Invest in a burglar alarm and test it out thoroughly so that it triggers whenever someone tries to gain unauthorised access.
5. Fit a security light outside that comes into operation as soon as a person approaches the property.
6. When going out for the night shut the curtains so that people can’t peer in and eye up your belongings.
7. Leave some lights on when your home is empty to create the impression that it is occupied.
8. Keep your most valued possessions out of sight.
9. When exiting, go around the house and check that all windows are securely fastened.
10. Have a safe fitted and place any valuable items inside.

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