The Big Energy Saving Week Is Here

The cost of energy has become a growing concern for millions of UK homeowners over the past few years, so much so that the Energy Saving Trust and Citizens Advice Bureau have come together to create The Big Energy Week which commences from 22nd-27th October.
The central purpose of the event, which is funded by the ‘Big Six’ energy companies and involves additional support from consumer groups, the Government and Ofgem, is to provide those struggling with their energy bills the FREE help and advice they need to secure cheaper energy. With a total of over 6 million households currently living in fuel poverty, helping people reduce the cost of energy has become a real necessity.
Specially organised occasions are happening across the country or you can pick up the phone and speak to someone who will be more than happy to give you the pointers you need to find more affordable energy. Whatever your energy-related problem it really will be worth you making contact.

One obvious way of reducing energy bills that many people are not aware of is by investing in double glazing in Skipton, double glazing in Whitby or double glazing in Yorkshire. Old windows that are frankly past their sell-by-date are commonly responsible for a huge amount of heat loss which results in you paying more on your energy bills than you should be. This is because a wooden frame and single pane of glass are simply not sufficient to trap heat the longer time progresses.
By putting double glazing in their place you are unquestionably securing cheaper energy in the long-term for your home. The savings that you make over the years when you go for double glazed over single glazed will be so substantial that they will easily cover the original investment you made into new windows.
Wasted heat also means a waste of essential fossil fuels, something that we are lacking on a global scale hence why the price of energy has near skyrocketed in recent years. We need to preserve them as much as possible for future inhabitants of this earth. Excessive fuel loss also results in a high carbon footprint which is damaging to the overall health of our planet.
The price of energy is not going to go down anytime soon but there are ways and means of reducing it and the Big Energy Week is specifically designed to give you a helping hand.


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