Why Do I Keep Getting Condensation On My Windows?

We get asked this question all the time which just goes to show that it’s an issue for so many people.

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The first thing to stress is that doing nothing about internal condensation can lead to some serious problems.

Eventually, it can cause mould and damp to form, and it can even affect the structural integrity of your home.

When you get internal condensation, remove the water droplets with a towel, and if you can afford them, upgrade to energy efficient double-glazed windows as they’ll be a lot warmer than your single-glazed windows.

Warmer windows are important as the coldness of single-glazed windows is a major reason why you get condensation.

In winter, our homes are warm places. We have our heating on for much of the day. We dry our clothes indoors. And we take hot showers and cook food with our windows closed.

Now, unless you have enough ventilation indoors (extractor fans, vents etc.), the humidity and moisture that builds-up from this has no means of escape. As soon it hits cold windows, the glass gets wet – better known as condensation.

So, improving ventilation and having new energy efficient double-glazed windows fitted would be our biggest tips for solving internal condensation.

There is a caveat attached to energy efficient double-glazed windows though, but it’s nothing that should put you off buying them!

In the spring and autumn, when the dew point is high and the outside temperature dramatically fluctuates, external condensation can form on them. It won’t be there for long as a little bit of sunlight or a breeze will quickly make it evaporate.

View any external condensation as a good thing as it proves that they’re offering the insulation your home needs.


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