Increase Property Value With Conservatories In York

News that the government has announced plans for homeowners to extend their property by as much as 8 metres without planning permission is expected to result in increased demand for conservatories. Those who were contemplating moving home would be advised to give extending their home serious consideration as it offers numerous benefits.
Research has shown that the installation of conservatories in Ilkley, conservatories in Leeds and conservatories in York can add as much as 23 per cent to the overall market value of a home. At the very least it should be adding around 8 per cent to its resale value. Many buyers will be more attracted to a home that comes with a fully installed conservatory than one that does not have such a stand-out feature so it could be a key selling point.

And of course, one of the major plus points of a conservatory is that it will extend the size of your home and give you that extra bit of leeway should you be struggling for space. The longer you live in a property, the more likely it is that the space around you will begin to shrink due to the generous amount of belongings that begin to take up room. You can overcome this by installing a conservatory and using it as substitute for the space that you have lost.
However you decide to use your conservatory make sure that you maximise its potential as it offers the most glorious form of living space imaginable. Throughout the day, the glass roof combined with the windows of the conservatory will transfer the natural rays of the sun indoors so that you can experience outdoor living without even having to make your way out of the extension. Unlike the old style conservatory it will not become overly warm in summer or too cold in winter, making it the perfect location for all-year round living.
There are so many possibilities and opportunities when it comes to choosing the functionality of a conservatory. Some may choose to use it as a dining room so that they have somewhere warm and comfortable each time they eat their breakfast, lunch or dinner. Others will use it as a place of relaxation and who could blame them when we all live such hectic lifestyles.
On the face of it, a conservatory is a big financial investment, but when you consider the long-term rewards it is an investment worth making.


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