4 Finishing Touches That Are Perfect For Your Conservatory

There has been no decline in demand for conservatories at Orion Windows since moving into the New Year as the trend for improving not moving looks set to continue in 2018.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory Internal View

We have already received a considerable number of requests for conservatory installations. Designing a conservatory with our consultants can be an exhilarating experience as we give you full control, even down to choosing those essential touches for the extension.

You may be thinking “what possible finishing touches do they have?” It would be impossible to list them all in a blog post, but here are 5 great options:

  1. Spotlights

The exceptional thermal efficiency provided by modern-day conservatories makes them spaces for all-year round usage. Night-time use is achievable when you include spotlights in the design. You will find that a conservatory is a brilliant after dark venue once the light glow beamed out by the spotlights illuminates the space.

  1. Bi-folding / sliding patio doors

As infectious as conservatory living is, there will be occasions when the lure of the weather proves too much and you want to get out in the garden. Create a stylish connection between your conservatory and the outdoors by integrating bi-folding or sliding patio doors that you can effortlessly open to link the two.

  1. Rugs

At this time of year, it is particularly nice to feel significant warmth in a conservatory. Colour can have a strong influence on this with reds and browns working especially well to create a warm atmosphere. Placing a thick rug or two on the conservatory floor will also give you some heat underfoot and act as a focal point.

  1. Blinds

So that the glare of the sun doesn’t hinder your enjoyment of the conservatory, install some blinds that you can draw to block out excess light. They can also serve to add an extra injection of colour to the interior as you can buy conservatory blinds in every conceivable colour that will really sparkle when fully drawn.

There are endless options at Orion

It’s amazing how additions like these can have such a big impact on the look and feel of your home extension. Book an appointment with one of our consultants to uncover further ways of finishing your conservatory in style.


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