New Windows Are A Must This Winter! Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Thousands of Britons throughout our green and pleasant land are currently in the process of implementing home improvements in time for winter which could involve anything from cutting back their hedges to clearing their gutters.

But you cannot consider your home to be fully ready for the forthcoming winter unless you have reliable windows fitted.

We make that statement for several reasons and we’ve narrowed them down to what we feel are the five most important ones…

  1. Low energy bills

Bulb Energy’s recent announcement that they would be raising energy prices for its customers marked the 41st bill increase amongst the country’s energy suppliers in 2018 (source: uSwitch).

So that your finances don’t get hit hard by energy costs, fit the very latest energy efficient windows as they’ll retain warmth and minimise heat loss, keeping fuel bills affordable.

  1. Better security

Burglars are more likely to strike in the winter when there are fewer daylight hours and you need to be on your guard against them.

UPVC and aluminium windows offer tremendous resilience and their glazed panes are also internally beaded, preventing the removal of them from the outside. They also come with very sophisticated multi-point locks.

  1. Greater aesthetics

You’re likely to have a lot of people visiting over winter, particularly during the Christmas and New Year periods, so your home needs to look good amongst the gloom of the weather.

A brand new set of windows will enhance the whole appearance of the place, mostly thanks to the fresh new finish they add.

  1. Minimal maintenance

Wood crafted windows struggle to face up the wintry weather and often succumb to it as their frames weaken and the finish applied to them diminishes.

UPVC and aluminium are both weather-resistant materials and need no upkeep or repainting. The only thing they will require is the occasional wipe with a wet cloth to remove any traces of dirt or grime.

  1. FREE fitting at Orion

To help our customers make cost savings when buying new windows we are offering FREE fitting on all our windows! You can also buy now with no deposit and pay nothing until 2019* as we’d hate to leave you short of cash at this notoriously expensive time of the year.

Full details of this can be found here.





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