Orion’s Home Trends For 2022

Home Trends For 2022

Each year brings new trends. January is a great time to learn what’s trending in the home improvement industry as we all spend more time in our homes and therefore desire a change-up in our spaces.

From trending colours to interior design ideas, Orion is keeping you in the loop with three of the biggest trends likely to take hold in 2022 below:

Multi-functional spaces

We all want to make the most of our homes as we spend more time there for both work and leisure purposes.

In the last couple of years, remote working has changed the way we view our homes but a guest room turned home office is no longer enough to satisfy our expectations for a fully multi-functional home.

In 2022, our homes need to work even harder for us. This could mean our home offices moonlight as a gym and turn into a guest room on weekends, or our conservatories work as a conference room during the week and a space for entertaining in the evenings.

Multi-functional spaces in homes

Grandmillennial style

There are few places more comforting than grandma’s house, and by entering the third year of the pandemic, we are all looking to channel comfort in our homes.

Grandmillennial style is a home trend that celebrates the sentimental, with meaningful photos, artwork that is significant to us, and travel momentos that spark memories filling the home.

Millennials are rejecting the notion that minimalistic, beige homes are the standard for a modern home and bringing more personality and individuality to their spaces, thus creating a welcoming environment.

Grandmillennial style homes

White is out

With Pantone’s Colour of the Year, a vibrant blue with violet undertones, already showing up on furniture and home accessories, 2022 is a great year to experiment with colour, rather than get intimidated by it.

This year, homeowners will reject white and other neutral shades due to their clinical and cold nature.

Instead, 2022 is the year to embrace colours found in nature, such as earthy shades of green and brown, with everything from sage to terracotta making a big impact in decor this year.

2022 Home Colours

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