Choose The Best Type Of Conservatory For Your Home

Although the cost of buying and installing a conservatory is becoming more and more affordable, it is still quite a big commitment and considerable thought needs to be given to the kind of conservatory chosen. Here is a rundown of the types of conservatory available at Orion Windows to help make your decision making that little bit easier:

Lean-to conservatory

If you want a conservatory with a clean and crisp look that will not detract from the look of your property, this is the ideal choice. They are also ideal for those properties which have a limited amount of space to play with at the back of their property and those that have low ceilings such as in bungalows.

Victorian conservatory

This is the most popular conservatory choice, suiting all styles of house and home whether it is a period property or a new build. When people think of a conservatory it is the Victorian style that comes to their minds. The most recognisable characteristic of the Victorian conservatory is its multi-faceted front.

Edwardian conservatory

Designed to reflect the elegant and dignified simplicity of the Edwardian architectural style, this type of conservatory is often the most practical and efficient way to extend your property. It offers excellent floor space due to its square or rectangular internal shape.

Gable conservatory

This design is adaptable to all types of houses and even bungalows and gives a huge amount of living space. They date back to the Georgian style and the front of the roof does not slope back to the centre. Instead, the front of the conservatory stays upright, like the end of a house hence giving it its name the gable conservatory.

P Shape conservatory

Combining a mix of the lean to and Victorian designs, it is the ideal choice if you are looking for the larger conservatory. It combines a spacious living area with excellent value for money.  It can also be created into two living areas if required.


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