How To Get Your Energy Bill Down To A Manageable Price

Have your energy bills hit an all-time high cost? If so, you won’t be the only one hit by this problem this winter as homes are consuming a lot more energy at the moment due to the present restrictions. 

Double Glazing

It’s never been more important to have a thermal efficient residence, otherwise, those energy bills will continue to put a big dent in your finances. 

In advance of Big Energy Saving Week (from January 18th), experts have said the average UK household energy bill could rise by £171 in 2021. 

This won’t be the case though at your household if you make the following moves to reduce your fuel costs:

Switch to a new energy supplier

Many households have never switched suppliers. You shouldn’t be overly loyal to your energy supplier as you will rarely be on the best and cheapest tariff. 

A first-time switcher could achieve a £300 annual saving, and it only takes a matter of minutes to find a more affordable tariff. You can do it yourself via a comparison site or let ‘Look After My Bills’ organise things. 

Put a note in your diary to do a price-check every 12 months as you’ll likely save more money by switching again. 

Buy a brand-new boiler

You can’t heat your home cheaply with an out-dated boiler, and the older your boiler, the more likely it is to break down. 

We’d be lying if we said buying a new boiler is cheap, it isn’t. But it will earn you massive annual savings for the length of time it lasts (15+years). 

It could be around £340 every year when you invest in an A-rated boiler, according to the Energy Saving Trust. 

Install energy efficient windows and doors

We urge everyone to have energy efficient windows and doors installed at their home because we know that they are essential for restricting heat loss and keeping fuel costs down. 

Heat loss can be reduced by 75% thanks to their presence, which will then amount to a fuel saving of thousands over a couple of decades. 

Exactly how much they save you will be dictated by how the windows and doors are specified e.g. whether they’re double or triple glazed.

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