Why Choose A PVC Conservatory or Orangery from Orion Windows in Yorkshire?

A conservatory or tailor made orangery from Orion Windows can be whatever you want it to be a place to play, entertain, socialise or simply relax.

They’re perfect not just as traditional sun rooms, garden rooms or dining rooms but as playrooms, home offices and lots more. A conservatory or orangery is also a great way to not just increase your living space, but to improve the value of your property as well.

Quick to install, you won’t have to move home or suffer the delay and disruption of a traditional brick built extension. And most of them don’t require planning permission, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long either.

A tailor made conservatory or beautiful orangery from Orion Windows is the perfect yet affordable solution to improving your lifestyle.

Glass Extension

Adding Value to your home
Ask any estate agent and they’ll tell you that when it comes to selling a house, properties which include a conservatory are much more sort after by a buyer than those that don’t have one.

Home makeover shows are some of the most popular on television and regularly feature conservatories, with good reason. One of the most popular, ITV’s “Better Homes” featured the estate agent Michael O’Flaherty. Here’s what he said on one of the programmes;

“Speed of installation, bright, airy interiors and an ability to be used as a flexible space make conservatories ‘hot property’. Many homeowners see the value of their property increase by around 5%. In terms of value added, each conservatory featured on Better Homes has beaten other home improvement projects such as loft conversions and kitchen extensions hands down. I can only see conservatory installations increasing further. There are few home improvement investments you could make that will provide this sort of payback”.

So whatever you spend on a conservatory or orangery, you’re certain to see the market valuation of your property increase – then just sit back, relax and enjoy your new room.

Another Room
The sensation of space and light you experience inside a conservatory or orangery make them practical and mysteriously attractive rooms. We can design and build your new space to deliver…whatever your dreams. If you need a new dining room, or an extra lounge area to enjoy some peace and quiet, adding a conservatory is a simple and affordable solution. A conservatory or orangery from Orion Windows will be ready to use in just a few weeks, once we get started.

Customers tell us how stress free the whole experience has been from beginning to end. Imagine, your beautiful new room will mean none of the hassle of moving home and away from family and friends. You’ll have none of the mess, delay and disruption people often experience with traditional brick built extensions.

Once you start using it, you’ll find yourself spending more time there than you expected. Not just another room…a lovely room…a space for life.


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